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. a fleury of global headlines including the death of the u.s. ambassador to libya in benghazi. day one of the two-day fed meeting starts today so a lot of waiting and seeing here in the u.s. german constitutional court paving the way for the esm. we see stocks hanging in there at 14-month highs in the european continent. our road map today starts with what could be the most critical tech announcement of the year. we're just hours away from the unveil of the iphone 5. will we get news of a new ipad, too? >> mark zuckerberg says the ipo of facebook is disappointing but they will not make a phone and will enter search at some point. is that enough to turn the stock around? >> now the german constitutional court decision is out of the way, we're waiting for the fed. will it deliver on new qe as stocks hang in here at multi-year highs. >> all the news around apple, in four hours apple's ceo tim cook is expected to unveil the iphone 5 at a media event in san francisco. it's expected to have a larger screen and offer 4g wireless and believed to be thinner and have a smaller dock connecter. th
the deadly attack on the u.s. embassy in libya, as well as other attacks on u.s. compounds in yemen and egypt. nbc news correspondent jim maceda is live in cairo. jim? >> reporter: it's kind of the tale of two protests here in cairo today near the u.s. embassy behind me, you've got the younger, more hard-core protesters who continue to throw stones. riot police have fired water cannons at them to drive them back today. there is now a wall, a concrete block, protecting the embassy. a lot of teargas canisters have been fired back and forth as well. then you've got the groups that have been supported by the muslim brotherhood who are marching around tahrir square chanting "god is greatest," raising and unfurling islamic flags. so they're loud but they're also very peaceful, men, women an children. it's been like that now throughout the afternoon. earlier today president moment morsi appeared on state television, endorsing this nationwide protest. but he said that it is muslim' responsibility to be peaceful and to protect foreign lives and foreign property while doing so. so ironically there aren
that culminated into the american ambassador to libya. and he'll talk about the nuke lower armed iran. i was going to say there are no words for the innocence of the killing we have seen. there's also no video to justify an attack on an embassy. there's no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in lebanon or destroi a cool in tune this -- he does not think that the united states can live with the nuclear armed iran. carl, one point to think about as we think about the president's remarks here, he's been under fire f, and the obam camp is making an important issue, obama is clearly walking a tightrope today and doesn't want to threat up his re-election chances. a very dell rat moment politically. >> not to mention anyone trying to drive in midtown manhattan. let's goat to headquarters with the market flash. >>> shares of carnival are higher 3.5%. what we heard from them, better than that, at the same time, you'll see this tempered stock and this stock is trading higher. >>> still ahead, marissa meyer announces her grand plan. >>> and "squawk on the street" will be live with
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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